The border South region and it’s Senate races

Bad headline.

McCaskill wants Akin to stay in race despite rape comment.

It should read “McCaskill wants Akin to stay in race because of Rape Comment”.  Remember, McCaskill played a part in the selection of her opponent: ran an ad which attacked all of the Republican nomination candidates, which attacked Akin with phrases that would come out of a pro- Akin Primary ad.
I don’t know if this means he’s doomed.  Nate Silver offers his thoughts here — and you will note that the example given for parallel’s sake — George Allen against Jim Webb — Allen very nearly won.
Further South… to Tennessee

Woods said there has been a lot of second guessing about how Clayton was able to win as an unknown. Some think that Democrats confused his name with that of Clayton McWhorter, a venture capitalist in Franklin, or even Jim Clayton, a Knoxville banker who’s been part of Clayton Homes.
“Of course, we wouldn’t be mixed up about Clayton in this area,” Woods said. Jim Clayton is a Republican.
Woods supported Overall not because she thought she would win but because she would be good in a debate with Corker, she said.Jim Gray, a former Knox County Democratic Party chairman, said he, too, supported Overall. As for November, he’ll probably vote for Martin Pleasant, an engineer with the Knox County Public Works Department, who is running on the Green Party ticket.
A federal judge on Thursday refused to take any steps toward removing Clayton as the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate. Larry Crim, who finished fourth in the Senate primary, is seeking to have Clayton removed.

Mark Clayton, the Democratic Party’s unconventional, disavowed candidate for the U.S. Senate, didn’t push the button for party nominee Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. He said he voted for Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin, a personal friend from his days in Pensacola, Fla.
“I used to go to his church,” Clayton said at a news conference last week. “If you have a friend that’s running for president and you like them and you agree with a lot of the things that he says … I did that as a supportive friend.”

And that race keeps on swirling.

More seriously, kinda… but of a “sigh” variety…

Paul Sadler in Texas.  Now the general asumption is that’s it, game over and that is probably right. It is true Sadler has virtually zero name recognition but why is that? Did state newspapers ever mention the Democratic race? Have you ever even seen a picture of Paul Sadler in print? …On Television?
It is bad enough the Republicans have taken over state government but it seems they dominate the state press as well.
… The Sigh variety is because… y’know… for some reason Mark Clayton’s problems are getting lumped in to the tag “anti-gay”.  Doesn’t really do it all justice, and also this is Tennessee, but… Ted Cruz is anti-gay too?

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