Dick Morris is a joke

There will be an Alf Movie.  With CGI

Westboro Baptist getting flashier in Utah?

Todd Akin, Missouri’s Republican Senate Candidate:  Who is he?

North Dakota Democratic Senate Candidate Heidi Heitkamp gets lying Karl Rove Dark Money ad off air
… 3, 2,1, to  comment disparaging Obama supporting Superpac ad on Romney to Cancer, or maybe to

Hawaii’s Republican Senate Candidate Linda Lingle to run tv station with nonstop campaign ads.

Huntsman told Reid… or not.  Anyway, let’s speculate furiously.

Ohio splitting apart the early voting rules; one set for Republican parts of state, the other for Democratic

Washington Man order Television, gets assault weapon instead

Ask Barney Frank questions

Knock off the Vaginas

Papa John’s increases pizza due to Obama Health Care policy… fighting obesity, I suppose

Parsing out less hawkish Republicans

The making of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here

The History of elevating and nominating and electing unknown Military Generals toward the Presidency



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