Obama Protesters.  Decent.  US OUT OF Cascadia

Pravda:  The Corruption of America is Complete.

Thomas Jefferson never said that.  But he probably did say something that supports whatever cause you’re arguing… Jefferson was kinda all over the place with things.

Excellent!  Bobby Jindal Exorcism movie!  Ivy League Exorcist

The Socialist Party Organizing Convention heads south for the first time .  Memphis

Yeah, I hate the whole “Vacating Wins” punishment too.

Voldemart and Mary Poppins: Britain’s Olympics opening

Rahm Emanuel blows it

Pompeian Graffiti

Right wing gun nut threatens to destroy Heather Wilson’s election bid in New Mexico

West Virginia’s Mountain Party candidates

Former World Wrestling Entertainment executive Linda McMahon and former Rep. Chris Shays — really don’t like each other.
Other issues to consider on McMahon’s candidacy.  What’s the state of the WWE?

Joe Donnelly says he’ll support extending Bush tax cuts.  Makes bid for most conservative Democratic Senator.




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