They Will win 20 to 43 percent of the vote in November

More information about Albert Gore, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Mississippi.  I like him already!

This Gore is a retired Methodist minister and Army colonel who completed 91 parachute jumps during a distinguished military career. “He declined to give his age, but said he’s in good health,” reports the Biloxi-Gulfport Sun Herald. The Wall Street Journal‘s Washington Wire blog describes him as “a political newcomer” and notes that he “doesn’t appear to have a campaign website.”

Comments:  He sounds nice and all, but is this the best the Mississippi Democratic Party can do?
I believe Santorum won in Mississippi – so, in answer to your question … probably. 

This guy needs a campaign website, and fast.  Somebody, please, post something up.  Figure out how to put something up on the defunct geocities for the proper effect.

A bit more Semi-credible Democratic candidate in Arizona… or at least, credible enough that the Democrats can float quasi-internal polls out there, and I take it that he’s gained a reputation for affecting a … um… Macho Image.
That last link is a must read for political satire, by the way.  I’ll put it in the “Best Political Satire of the Year” category.
Interesting with this race.  It may not matter for Richard Carmona’s chances, but the Republican front-runner — Jeff Flake — has a severe primary test on his handsRep. Jeff Flake is set to spend at least $1.4 million of his Senate campaign war chest on television advertising in his attempt to secure the Republican nomination.  Flake has found himself in a costly primary against self-funding real estate investor Wil Cardon. The ad buy is set to run from July 9 through the Aug. 28 primary.
Richard Carmona is one of those Democratic politicans not attending the Democratic convention.  Obama probably shut down his chances with Arizona with his stances on immigration — campaign decisions that close some states and go for other states.  Jeff Flake — plenty rightwing of a Republican — has his opposition coming from the Right, making your old Tea Party run of it.  It may be that Carmona could beat Cardon and not Flake, but who knows?

To the Republicans running hopeless — or maybe semi-hopeless — campaigns:
Delaware.   It’s Kevin Wade. A Republican running for the US Senate from Delaware says state Democrats are “living in another century.

Minnesota:  In something of a surprise, the Republican nominee will be state Representative Kurt Bills, an economics teacher with Libertarian views and a supporter of outgoing Congressman Ron Paul.  Yes, but he has elected office experience:  In 2008, Bills was elected to the Rosemount City Council from a field of 26 candidates.  They say that politicians just keep running their first winning campaign over and over again.
The Ron Paul Revolution…
The only thing worse than high school debate is…
…is High School economics, you have to wonder what this guy is teaching. I’ll tell ya his plan right now for free: Tax Cuts, “small” government, and innovation. The only real question is who will blamed for his defeat? Will true believers claim the party just didn’t get behind him, or will Paulites be blamed for eschewing moderation?

New York gets us… Wendy E Long and here’s what the wikipedia page says… Her Senate candidacy has been endorsed by American Conservative Union PAC, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, former Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, the New York Post, former Conservative gubernatorial candidate Herbert London, National Organization for Marriage, the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms PAC, and several current and former Republican candidates and elected officials.
What’s weird is that I assume that this was added into the wikipedia page by Long, but it just as easily would be added by the Gilibrand campaing.  None of these are endorsements you would be touting if you’e trying to win a statewide race in New York State.  I note that Scott Brown in Massachusetts is not attending the Republican convention.

Rhode Island.  Barry Hinckley.  Once again on the Ron Paul Revolution.  And it isHere is his pitch to the crowd of rich California conservatives. Hinckley was doing OK until about the 4:30 mark where he goes off the rails describing his vision of an America that is run like a corporation. He actually calls it “America, Inc.” And we aren’t citizens, we’re “employees.” And we don’t have states, we have “divisions.” But I don’t want to spoil it for you. Watch it for yourself and let me know what you think.
Yeah, about the America, Inc. thing… I assume that’s how everyone talks at the Bilderberg Meetings and behind closed doors.  Cue the Network (given to Howard Beale) speech “There is no America”, but give it without any sense of menace.

Meet the man challenging the “Democratic Socialist” Bernie Sanders is Vermont… John MacGovern.  The Republican party there is keeping a bit of distance, apparently.   Vermont Republican Party executive director Mike Bertrand said he met MacGovern for “about 15 seconds” at a GOP event and said he seems like a “a very capable individual.” But Bertrand stressed there’s at least one other Republican exploring a candidacy, though he did not name the person.
“I would not assume by any stretch of the imagination that that is the one candidate,” Bertrand said of MacGovern.
And that would be H. Brooke Paige, former CEO of Remmington News Service
While climbing the retaining wall in front of the State Office Building in Montpelier for a good photo of the May 1st Putting People First Rally across the street, I happened to meet a nice gentleman who introduced himself as “the sacrificial Republican opponent to Bernie Sanders.” You have to respect a man with a sense of humor. He knows he doesn’t stand a chance in hell, but he’s willing to run a good race anyway. Why? Well, the way he got on the ballot sort of answers that question
I have no idea how this primary race shakes out.  I really don’t.  It’s movement conservative versus true moderate.  And I gather this man isn’t the guy the Republican Party in Vermont had in mind with “other candidates”.
I would love to include a picture of Mr. Paige in this story, but I can’t find one. Even the state GOP hasn’t posted one. That’s sad, really. Mr. Paige told me that he expects he will not get enough donations to run any television ads, but maybe enough to run a couple of ads in the weekly free newspapers, you know, the local “Shopper.” So far, his biggest contributor has been his mother, who gave him $100. Mr. Paige is under 6 feet tall, a bit overweight (more Gingrich than Christie) and much better dressed than Bernie, who somehow manages to always look like he slept in his suits. He was a small business owner who commuted between a chosen home in Vermont and his businesses in Philadelphia.

I guess this is the man who will be on the ballot in November against Maria Cantwell in Washington.  He has a facebook page.  That’s … his deal?  On the other hand, I guess that puts Michael Baumgartner ahead of the 8-ball as opposed to Albert Gore of Mississippi.
(Actually I shouldn’t mock that.  That’s sort of the product of the local news.   If you were in Walla Walla, you could’ve met with him.)

Note the next candidate is an Independent A new WBUR poll shows former Maine Gov. Angus King as the heavy favorite to replace retiring Republican U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe. Current poll numbers have King, who is running as an independent, with 50 percent of likely voters, Republican Secretary of State Charlie Summers with 23 percent, and Democratic state Sen. Cynthia Dill with 9 percent.
Who is Cynthia Dill?

The National Republican Senatorial Committee said Tuesday night that Summers is running against “two liberal Democrats” – Dill and King, who Republicans believe Democrats are quietly embracing King at the expense of other candidates in hopes that he will eventually caucus with them in the Senate.
The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has said nothing – zilch, nada – about Dill’s win since last night and the silence is part of a strategy that Democrats privately concede is designed to hopefully win King’s support by playing nice with him.

It’s kind of like the Florida race in 2010 if… um… the Democrats had taken the giant gulp and gone with Crist from the state.
Nine percentage points, huh?

Despite Maine’s long hunting tradition, she rebuked the National Rifle Association. In the face of loud opposition, she wants to consider a national park in northern Maine. While her fellow Democrats celebrated a presidential visit, she chose to protest against big money in politics. […]
For the record, Dill supports President Barack Obama and believes he has done great things. Nonetheless, while Obama was dining with campaign contributors at the Portland Museum of Art on March 30, Dill was across the street in a “free speech zone” near OccupyMaine demonstrators.
Dill didn’t join in the drum-thumping Occupy demonstration, but she was there to voice her own concerns about the corrupting influence of money in politics.

Who did she beat in the primary?

With more than 88 percent of the state’s precincts reporting by about 8 a.m. Wednesday, Dill had 45 percent of the vote compared with Dunlap’s 35 percent in the four-way race. Jon Hinck had 13 percent of the Democratic vote and Justin Benjamin Pollard had 7 percent, according to unofficial results tabulated by the Bangor Daily News.
Someone with a cultural profile that goes with the NRA, it looks like…
Geography played a large role in the race. Dill had a stronger showing in southern Maine, while Dunlap lead in Aroostook, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.
Hm.  Neat?

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