Chomsky on Obama.  Hint: he don’t like him.

Newsweek ups the ante on news-weekly magazine cover games: Obama with a gay halo.  Ugh indeed.
Regarding Time.

Prominent Ron Paul Supporter Muses About Assassinating Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul jumping out now… for the sake of not getting whupped in Rand Paul’s Kentucky?

Congressman Jeff Fortenbury of Nebraska: a Republican who defied Norver Norquist

What happened to Roanoke?

This week in Dark money:  How Lugar came down.

8 Times the Vice President DID SOMETHING.

The Onion: General Mills Gives Honey Nut Cheerios Bee Intense Backstory Of Childhood Foster Home Abuse In Bizarre Rebranding Effort.

The actor who played Biff on Back to the Future has a faq card he hands out.




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