Researching the question of how much Hindu Gods pollute

How Nate Silver pegs Indiana senate race.  Richard Lugar is probably screwed; Democrat has slight chance against new Tea Party candidate but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

FBI Heroically Stop Ridiculous Anarchists from dubious FBI-hatched May Day plot.

Police find some pretty cool stuff at Seattle May Day.

May Day History — The Paris Commune Red Scare.

Say Goodnight, Newt.  (Must see: the first doodle in the doodle slideshow).

Ron Paul fans continue looking for Ron Paul news … find Rachel Maddow talking about him.  Say “Woo!”

Gasoline is expensive.  Deal with it.

Do Barhrain’s Sunnis Like the Smell of Tear Gas?  I’m guessing no.

What’s wrong with DC’s new universe.  edgy.

The current hullabalo over Obama’s politicizing the Bin laden raid, and the attendant hypocrisy of the Republican’s wailings.
I don’t think anyone looks good, but the Republicans look flat out ridiculous after Bush.

Low Power FM coming to save Radio?




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