Coming soon to Hanford:  because nothing shows you’re serious protesters like

Portland State University offers course on Revolutionary Marxism.
Worth it just for the free republic thread.

Vermin Supreme for President again.

Harrison Tyler, grandson of the 10th President of the United States, unimpressed by Republican presidential candidates.

Negative campaigning against the Chevy Volt

Judith Miller: still floating out there.  On Fox News.  Being a hypocrite on Media editing jobs.

A review of Zimmerman’s website

5-year-old Bridgeport, Connecticut boy brought 50 packets of heroin to school for “show and tell.” According to police spokesman Keith Bryant, the boy’s stepfather, Santos Roman, 35, was later arrested when he came to the school to retrieve the drugs and found authorities waiting for him.

Neighborhood Watch comedy pulled.

Young Adult Literature, and the older adults who read them.  Hm….

Ron Paul, 2008 v 2012.
The fight continues.

Mitt Romney trying to nail Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania.

Stalin notebooks hot sellers in Russia.  Why wouldn’t they be?

Corn ethanol.  Not the answer.  Right now.




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