street theater outside the Supremes

I hasten to predict the outcome of the Supreme Court decision on Health Care — we are long past the time we can pretend that the Court system isn’t another branch of partisan politicians, with more ideological lee-way to them —

And we get the Theater.

In this guise, the protests for and against the law outside the court shouldn’t make any sense… in theory, this is just laying down the law from an impartial land on high… Justice is Blind and takes no note of protesters…
At one point a middle-aged group of women started singing in harmony with a young drummer at their side. “Health care for everyone, I’m gonna let it shine,” they sang soulfully to the tune of the hymn “This Little Light of Mine.”
Around the same time, Keli Carender, an opponent of the law, started belting out a freestyle song through a megaphone about “strong, independent women” us.

And there’s the “Don’t Tread on Me” signs and the Anti-Abortion activists with tape on their mouths — actually, symbolically I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean: it’s a bad metaphor.

The most depressing quote I read was from a woman who had coverage from her employment who claimed that if Obamacare were upheld, she would boycott the Mandate  — and … have no Insurance.  All kinds of bizarre… I’d put it here if I could find it with any immediacy.

And here’s your Protester of the Year.  I want to hear more from her.

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