Tim Tebow trumpeting Peyton Manning, because –?

I note yahoo’s “Trending Now” list…

Trending Now
01 Tebow trade rumors
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10 Spring equinox

Item number one is “Tim Tebow trade rumors”.
This comes off the heals of Peyton Manning signing with the Denver Broncos.  Bronocs fans, I assume, will immediately forget about their love of Tim Tebow, now that they have — you know, an actually good quarterback.  (And rooting for sports teams is the equivalent of rooting for laundry.)  Yet, from this vantage point of this particular zeitgeist dig, Manning lies in the shadow of Tim Tebow.

Which is interesting.  He’s spent most of his career in the shadow of Tom Brady, generally considered the second best quarterback in the league — Brady won three superbowls before Manning won one.  Oddly, his season out with an injury brought about a reassessment: see how the Patriots did in their season without Brady against how the Colts did without Manning.  But just as soon as Manning emerged from the shadow of Brady in this way, he has fallen under the shadow of someone even worse:  Eli Manning..

Of course now Peyton Manning, in the effort to escape the shadow of his younger brother, is trying to avoid the pitfalls of the Ghost of Brett Farve’s post-Packers career. 

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