Offer up new spot for the next “Message”

I recently heard someone gripe abouon ballot. I intend to henceforth run as a Republican as that it the only way to have a chance to win and that rather than as a Democrat since a pro-lifer could never win a primary in that party. I have a plan that fixes everything that I will describe in my next message.
t people not responding to comments online.  With that in mind, I note this comment left by the congressional candidate Alan Jacquemotte .

I ran on the NLP banner for the same reason that Ralph Nader did: it was the only way that I could get on the general electi
I have been accused of “studying rare species of exotic floral”, and so my goes my interest in musing about the ghost political ballot lines such as the Natural Law Party.  I remember they were all down the ballot in Oregon in 2000 and 2002.  Their candidates seemed a bit odd, but what the hey!
And  Alan Jacquemotte just happens to be the last person to use the line.  Unless… somewhere… someone has grabbed a-hold of this year.  I’ll have to check.

It’ll be interesting to see what percentage of the vote Jacquemotte wins. One warning shot: posting messages to this blog is not the way to Reach the Masses.

Today, I pose the question: What is the Reform Party is, and what happens if Buddy Roemer grabs a-hold of it and runs with it simultaneous to a “America Elect 2012” ballot line?

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