Another set of Republican caucuses and primaries, another item of deranged annoyance

I got word over the weekend, in my hasty surfing of barely interested topics, that Santorum was poised for some big wins on Tuesday … for reasons that don’t quite make any sense except that apparently Gingrich flubbed some things and is generally disliked and that Mitt Romney is generally disliked as well.  So we get this result from Minnesota’s Caucuses.

Candidate Pct.
Santorum 44.9%
Paul 27.1
Romney 16.9
Gingrich 10.8
Others 0.3

And this result from Colorado.

Candidate Pct.
Santorum 40.2%
Romney 34.9
Gingrich 12.8
Paul 11.8
Others 0.3

And the Missouri Primary.  For what it’s worth.  There are no delegates coming out of this, and I don’t know what Missouri is doing here.  Apparently also Rick Santorum was the only man who bothered to show up in the state.

Rick Santorum
138,957 55% 0
Mitt Romney
63,826 25% 0
Ron Paul
30,641 12% 0
9,859 4% 0

Yeesh.  Santorum.  No.  Really.  Rick Santorum.  His win is being credited to the brohauhau going on with the Komen Breast Cancer Race for the Cure issue.  Apparently you just need to whisper “abortion” into a dormant Republican state election and it’ll break the whole state wide open.

But aside from all the horse race business of where Mitt Romney gamely goes from here in charging up his Superpac to do something or other so that he can finally declare Victory on the Super Tuesday, if Newt Gingrich can dredge up the specter of George Soros in going after Rick Santorum, and how Rick Santorum will capitalize on his second wind…

Have we moved from an amusing contest where we see Newt Gingrich  (or, I guess, his rich benefactor) warble about against an inevitable Romney nomination to one where see Rick Santorum (or, I guess, his rich benefactor) warble about against an inevitable Romney nomination, and how does that affect the contours of both the political landscape and our entertainment spectacle of this thang?  (No more moon jokes, and more anus jokes?)

What I want to know from these election results:
Why is Minnesota Paul Country (relatively speaking) and not Colorado?  Is it simply better organization, or is there something endemic to Minnesota’s demographics and politics as against Colorado’s?

But really.  Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul need to heed the real enemy — who is warring everything except the Terrorists.

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