“Wait.  Let me see that shirt.”
Dukakis / Bentsen ’88.
“Dukakis?  Really?”
“Not a fan?”
“I can’t say I had an opinion at that age.”
“Yeah.  Well, I’m from Massachusetts, so there’s sentimental thing there.  I met Dukakis when I was 6. ”

Just one in a series of the Democratic Party’s headaches.

A random wikipedia drop.

The offspring of both Bentsen and Quayle later served in the United States House, although it was eight years between nephew Ken Bentsen’s departure (Texas, 1995-2003) and son Ben Quayle’s inauguration (Arizona, 2011).
The problem with this SNL reference is it didn’t mention the funniest SNL item with that quip:  On the eve of the election defeat, Bentsen wandering around a party repeatedly using that story to every single person “And then I said ‘–“.

I once saw an Oliver North for President shirt.  Considered picking it up.  Irony wear, I guess.

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