who’s meeting the press? the owners of the press, apparently.

There something odd about this appearance on “Meet the Press” that I just couldn’t put my finger on.

Also on NBC: Harold E. Ford Jr., a former representative from Tennessee, and Jack Welch, former chairman and chief executive of General Electric, participate in the political roundtable, talking about the death of Qaddafi, the presidential race and job creation.

Interesting.  Jack Welch.  Former Chairman and Chief Executive of General Electric.  It’s good to bring on people from outside, strictly speaking, the narrow Washington beltway of elected political figures — even if it’s that realm of “Politics is business by other means” industry.  And I guess he’s a good counterweight to Harld Ford, the former Democratic Leadership Council head — urging the party shape up and move to the center, to the center, to the center.

And you know, some in the “Occupy” Movement may want to get on tv — on one of these Sunday shows, perhaps — but maybe they’d risk having someone or other assert leadership roles from that — so it’s just as well it’s Jack Welch versus Harold Ford.

But… Jack Welch.  Huh?

In June 2011, when Piers Morgan asked him “You’re a Republican, right?” Welch replied “Yes, absolutely.”[19]

Okay.  Good for him.

Also… his company, General Electric, during his tenure… bought NBC, the network that was interviewing him as an expert on matters.  Weird.

It could be worse.  We could be harping back on the Birther issue again.

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