scenes from the occupation

2 guys I once heard debating Nader versus Gore last year, who occasionally go at it on items of liberal politics and the usefulness of the Democratic Party.

The Nader supporter:  What do you think of “Occupy”?
The Gore supporter:  I think it’s great.  And I saw on Fox 12, of all places, a respectable listen from the people there.

I have not had a chance to peak into talk radio.

Saturday at Pioneer Square we had an odd confluence of things.  Some Vietnamese protesting China, alongside some people activated against Genetically modified food — who have been promoting this for a while, alongside “End the Afghan War” alongside “Wake Up America”, a couple of “End the Fed” signs, alongside someone wearing a Ben Franklin costume.

“This is the best organized demonstration we’ve had for a long time.”
“Yeah, it’s college kids…”
“That’s who was involved in them in the 60s and 70s.  ‘Cause they have more at stake.”

And the question continues: when this slides away, blurs into the scene at Pioneer Square… then what?

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