2008 redux

Yeah, this is unfortunate.

“I went into the polls voting for the black guy, and what I got was the white guy.”
Bill Maher, then quoted by Michael Moore.

It’s… interesting.  You can chalk it up alongside Limbaugh, but set aside in ironic quotation marks.  And in this vault of commentary, I slide next to Ta Nesha Coates with the “He is within the range of what I thought he was going to be when he became President” — I am “not as low on Obama” because I was never “as high on Obama” and — a man named Michael Moore once upon a time would have known that — back in the Clinton Administration.

And about Moore — he’s the guy who got suckered into supporting Wesley Clarke in the 2004 Democratic Primary, a man whose only policy record was with some military actions, all of which Michael Moore had opposed, through the 1990s.  So we jump from that to Obama (and I think Moore once upon a time knew that his political problem was bigger than Obama.)

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