disproportionately angry-sounding comments

I am sometimes surprised when someone posts a comment to an old post here.  I am more surprised when that comment has a sort of vehemence to it.

Donald Forbes Says: August 31st, 2011 at 7:30 am Who the hell are you?

To tell the truth, it’d come across as odd without the “hell” — I’d automatically end up emphasizing the “are” — Who ARE you — unspoken question … “kind of out of left field, isn’t this?”

I assume that the commenter has some involvement in something from that post.  One left-wing splinter group.  Probably around the hedges of “New England Party of Labor”.  Knew Gus Hall.  Something like that.

Or maybe he was involved with the Sino-Soviet split.


retired railroad man with 6 grandchildren who keep me busy and interested. A Quaker but not a very good one. Very liberal on political issues especially social issues. I believe politics is the only way you can deal with morality. (real morality poverty and war) Otherwise religion is an obcenity.

Yalta: The Price of Peace (Hardcover) The book started out as a good objective description of the Conference, later especially in the last few chapters, he began to use the insulting language and denigrate the motives of the the Soviet leader like a typical right-winger. Stalin was protecting the interests of his country right or wrong and that should have been the basis for his analysis of what happened and why. I imagine many people who read the book will come away with a different understanding of Stalin’s motives and actions than what Plokhy intended.

Jane Fonda’s War: A Political Biography of an Antiwar Icon (Hardcover) A great woman and a great cause. Her courage is remarkable no matter which side you are on. History has proven her right.

And he Wrote what looks like a reasonably interesting memoir on his life working in the railroads.  More interesting than I, I suppose.

I will say that this is that sort of reason I tend to try to move a bit off the beaten track here.

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