Alex Jones, Norway, and the hierarchy of terrorist culpability

I think SM Eliot and her “Leaving Alex Jonestown” blog saved me the bother of explaining my sense of incredulity at Alex Jones on the terror attack in Norway.  Almost.  Her three posts are here, here, and here.

But it gets stupider, and stupider in two or three directions.

On Friday morning, I looked over the Prison Planet website and saw their major focus for the idea was about Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security — in political correctness overload — targeting White people instead of… well, government statistics and all that:
In 2009 and 2010, of the 126 people who were indicted on terrorist-related charges in the United States, all of them were Muslim. Yet not one Muslim or Arab is depicted as a terrorist in the DHS video (there’s two black people and one Asian guy).
Skipping past the matter of political correctness and anything else, I believe there’s an item of inconsistency in this.  Alex Jones and Kurt Nimmo, and all their contributors, seemed to have lost their script Friday morning.  In the past, their rule has always been that terrorism and violence brought about by Muslims — 9/11 the most obvious example — are in fact False Flag Operations brought by the NWO to strike fear in the populace and build up their Prison Planet.  Meantime, violence and terrorism from right-wing sources are, again, pre-texts used to squash dissent.  And violence and terrorism from left wing sources, however tenuous, is — in fact — left-wing violence and terrorism.  (Unless the perpetrator is under 30 years of age, in which case they also have been brainwashed by the government through video games.)

In all the major news stories about Islamic Terrorism, Jones and company reported that the government did it.  Now, because it’s convenient, they have thrown the falsely alleged Muslim terrorists under the bus in lieu of stopping all talk of right-wing violence.

They lost the script.  Or, more likely, we have established a hierarchy of sorts.  A predictable wrinkle in their Terror Game, where their line on Islamic Terrorism is fungible, depending on its threat to the line about right wing terrorism.

This was Friday morning, before the attacks in Norway.  Naturally, we steer back toward, as this trio of headlines

Tarpley:  Norway Terror Attacks a False Flag
(My favorite): Infowars Predicted Norway Terror Attacks Days Before… also every day for the last 15 years, that the government would do this to — see all of my above post…  All very circular in the logic.
And a standard article from mainstream outlets:  Gunman Opposed “Cultural Marxism”, Immigration.

The comments section are your typical batch.  “Go back to Good Morning America!”  The first comment I read is… interesting:
What is wrong with White Western Nations preserving their genetic and cultural heritage, as they are allowed to do in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Israel?
The attack was against Norway’s ruling Labour Party (liberal, leftist, marxist, commie), its youth political indoctrination camp, and its policy of allowing violent Muslims to flood Norway. There have been recent reports of teenage girls in Norway being raped by these brown foreign scum and then committing suicide. There are many girls so afraid of these foreign low-lifes invading their nation that they have had to resort to dying their hair a color other than blonde, in order to avoid sexual harassment and rape.
Progressives, with their media monopolies, have always specialized in coming up with innovative ways to silence any and all opposition to their suicidal, nation-wrecking ideology.
Now they are spouting off about “not being silenced” by these attacks!
I’m not surprised that people want them dead. I am surprised at their unwillingness to look inward — to ask themselves why they are so hated — and to modify their activities and behavior.
When you have white women dying their blond hair to avoid being raped by Islamic asylum seekers, what do you expect? This is the result. Polititans and their far left minions have finally provoked a response, assuming this was carried out by a patriot.


Well, about the man’s manifesto, the “Justiciar Knight Commander”.  “2083: A European Declaration of Independence”.  Naturally it is now available for your pursual online.  Naturally it is being bombarded with traffic en masse.  Probably even at stormfont’s web site.  But two things about it.

He plagarizes Theodore Kaczynski.

The site as Sunday reveals that some of Anders Behring Breivik’s book, called “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence,” is straight out of the so-called Unabomber manifesto.
While Breivik several places in the text is careful to cite external sources, not Theodore Kaczynski – known as the Unabomber – said a word.
Now it turns out that the Northern man simply copied large parts of the text.
But where Kaczynski reviews the enemy as “leftism” and “leftist,” Breivik use the words “Multiculturalism” and “Cultural Communism.”
Kaczynski writes:
“When we speak of leftist in this article we garden in mind Mainly Socialists, Collectivist, ‘politically correct’ types, feminists, gay and disability Activists, Animal Rights Activists and the like.”
With a few changes in wording, type Breivik the same:
“When we speak of cultural Marxists in this article we garden in mind Mainly Individuals WHO support Multiculturalism; Socialists, Collectivist, ‘politically correct’ types, feminists, gay and disability Activists, Animal Rights Activists, Environmentalist, etc.”
Breivik has especially been inspired by the Kaczynskis theory that the left is suffering from a crippling inferiority complex.
“The two psychological Tendencies That underlie modern leftism we call” feelings of inferiority ‘and’ oversocialization, ‘”writes Kaczynski.
“The two psychological Tendencies That underlie cultural Marxists we call ‘feelings of inferiority’ and ‘over-socialisation,” repeats Breivik – without quoting.
Again, he has replaced “leftism” with “cultural Marxists”.  Apart from paraphrasing from American to British English is the wording is identical.

AND a citation in the manifesto, for what he’s been reading to formulate his grand narrative and animus toward the “Frankfurt School” for destroying Western Civilization:

“The New Dark Age: The Frankfurt School and ‘Political Correctness’” by Michael Minnicino, in Fidelio, Vol. 1, No. 1, Winter 1992 (KMW Publishing, Washington, DC) One of the few looks at the Frankfurt School by someone not a sympathiser, this long journal article explains the role of the Institute for Social Research in creating the ideology we now know as “Political Correctness.” Unfortunately, its value is reduced by some digressions that lack credibility.
To link to Schiller Institute page.  And so it goes.

That last one gets a little more interesting:
I think our terrorist may have just plagarized the citation, comment and all, from the end-notes from this essay by William Lind.  So it is that the thing is a pastiche of plagiarisms.

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