In the future, we won’t elect Presidents but instead will elect AutoPens!

Senator Wyden blows the lid on the Secret Patriot Act

Progressive Magazine:  “Harry Reid — Quit Fear Mongering on Rand Paul!”

Jonah Goldberg compares the DSK scandal with American politicans Clinton and Kennedy — and not his party’s pile of sex scandals.

Herman Cain versus Ron Paul.

Awkward Dove ad.

Kirby and Ware

Obama hires “rapid response” Internet blogger — Alex Jones sees something sinister.

The Internet Trolls of 1987.

New page of facebook comments of people taking The Onion seriously

Chester Brown discusses prostitution and the Canadian Libertarian Movement.  Chester Brown:  Biggest Libertarian Vote-getter, and also… someone who garners 12 remarks calling him an asshole and a weasel.



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