clyde lewis update

Clyde Lewis.  Worth a listen, if for no other reason than…

… than to hear him occasionally go ballistic at being compared with George Noory (or, in a previous time, Art Bell)?

Actually I wish he were confined to the three (or two) weekend shows, as he once was.  I suppose I can stick to that old habit of listening two or three times a week.  Somehow five seems like overkill and an item of over-stretching for his showmanship broadcasting skills.  Less is More.

… Unless you want to take him fully seriously, I guess.  Last night he waded into the idea that we’ve seemed to be in a time-loop for the past decade or so, repeating ourselves.  Obama’s mistaken dating in the Queen’s guestbook was given for a reason to look on what was happening in 2008 — and — Lo and Behold! — Natural Disasters!

Also, there was a religious cult marking the end of the world for June — which seems as big a reach as Clyde Lewis could hatch, but there you go.

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