McCain Lieberman Graham

Hm.  A real dream team.  You want to know the first thing that pops up when you type “Lindsey Graham” “Joseph Lieberman” and “John McCain” into google?  A Wall Street editorial from 2009.

Growing numbers of Americans are starting to doubt whether we should have troops in Afghanistan and whether the war there is even winnable.
We are confident that not only is it winnable, but that we have no choice. We must prevail in Afghanistan.

It seemed that every time I looked up, the three of them were running around in Iraq. Any idea of how many joint Wall Street editorials they’ve written about Iraq.

Yes.  And…

John McCain, Joseph Lieberman, and Lindsey Graham are the Senate’s most energetic proponents of sinking the nation ever deeper into the Libyan morass. In a joint interview on Fox last weekend, Senators McCain (R., Ariz.) and Lieberman (I., Conn.) were breathless in their rendering of the “freedom fighters” and the “Arab Spring” of spontaneous “democracy.” Friday they upped the ante with a Wall Street Journal op-ed, rehearsing yet again what an incorrigible thug Qaddafi is and how “we cannot allow [him] to consolidate his grip” on parts of Libya that he still controls.

I have a thought.  Maybe the Wall Street Journal can just keep the op-ed article handy.  Do a mad-libs reprinting whenever Lieberman, McCain, and Graham call — it’d save the three from having to pool together to write something anew.

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