everyone’s politics are dreadful

So on April 15 the Tea Party was holding forth a rally at Pioneer Square.  I imagine any number of the participants there could jump on over to see the Atlas Shrugged Movie.  And so it goes.

“In light of the recent violence experienced by Tea Partiers at events across the nation carried out by union supporters, we’re asking all Oregon Tea Partiers to take Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1963 Pledge of Nonviolence,” said Jeff Reynolds, Multnomah County Republican Party chairman. “Any anti-Tea Party violence will be met by an even keel of truth and justice.”

Yep, they’ve developed an alternate storyline of things.  The age of the Internet will have them on high alert to extrapolate from any random incident.  Groups of marauding Unions are en throll.

I listened to about five minutes of someone.  I had a flashback.  “And don’t forget the Military — which is responsible for allowing us this freedom here.”  Said in a threatening ambiance, as a “Don’t you dare cut from the Pentagon’s wish list.”  To their credit, a couple of Senators and Congress-men attached to said “Tea Party” are willing to go there, to a place which anyone serious about the deficit has to go.  They’re not in this group.

The flashback I had was to the “Support the Troop” rallies, better thought of as anti-war protests (as opposed to war protests they were counter-programming.)  What’s missing is the country band.

The event features Brian Futch and the local Patriotic group, We the Band.

Hm.  “We the Band”.  Is that like “Up With People”?  I’d like to say the issues are being tossed in to and fro, but I guess it’s how we’ve gotten the matters divided.

I saw a hand scribbled note, off a heavily trafficked Max stop.  Here’s how it read “Hey Meeker, I found Snitzer!  Please email me quick” — and I made those two names up, but the email address given was something to the effect of “redMao@” whatever email dot come.  I know not much about the person who put this note up, or why s/he couldn’t have some other lines of communication (not beyond email), but I do have a guess about redMao’s politics.  Though if my first guess is that s/he wasn’t at the Tea Party rally or Atlas Shrugged movie, I do note when I have looked over the anarchist book store and library (look up the name yourownself), it does have Ayn Rand in the library — so who knows how redMao mixes her/his politics.

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