figure out pumas at your peril

At the time of the 2008 election, I looked over to see what that constituency of “PUMA”s — or what of them exist — were saying upon the election of Obama.  I saw a gleeful crunching of numbers to rationalize Obama’s victory as pyrrhic, inevitably a one termer (or less, what with the Chicago corruption that lead to that stolen nomination) — the victory coming from depressed Republican turnout, and I — a lifetime Democrat — just cast my proudest vote ever for McCain and Palin, the latter in opposition to Obama in demonstrating where the two candidates stand on Women’s Equality.  Add in conspicuous links to free republic sites and world net daily — which is an alliance that will come back to bite these PUMAs on the back.

The Internet can aggregate anyone of any interest.  This page here, Hm, a “PUMA blog aggregator”, looks about what you would imagine.  Like the Howard Dean blogs at the end of his nomination, only taken through past the November election.  I guess they have these Clinton ads to create, these documentaries to make — all outside the scope of anything Hillary Clinton is interested in doing,  (Allegedly).

The PUMA aggregagor is, politically, all over the place. “That is the PUMA way”, the top of this page says — before popping out a link to “Inside Job” (an indictment of the system which heaps as much scorn on the Clinton administration as everyone else), and a page against gun violence.

You had to see it to appreciate it. Before the start of the seventh inning Seattle Mariners vs Cleveland Indians baseball game the roving reporter had a Felix Hernandez bobblehead to give away. The contest between mom and daughter was to name all of the presidents in a row.
The two knew all the presidents and they sang them out in unison in a sort of sing songy way. At the very end, they yelled out Barack Obama very loudly, giddy that they were done.
The reporter then asked them who would be the next president in 2012, and after a relatively short pause, mom says, “Clinton again.” Probably referring to Bill’s better half. But how can that be when our own cable news media is so polarized to the far left and far right, leaving the vast huge middle of the country unrepresented?

Self styled “Centrist”.  It’s a tough gambit. About as tough as watching the Mariners and seeing their pitching staff and Ichiro being wasted on historically anemic offenses.  But skip here to  see…


So if you know PUMA’s who don’t think the home mortgage issue is of importance, they are not real PUMAs, since this was a core Hillary Clinton campaign issue. I recently defriended an alleged well known PUMA who had no time to ever view Daily PUMA, and claimed my Swarm the Banks blog was pointless.
I don’t know.  There’s a certain logic to this portion on the page — toss up a Greenwald column while you are at it.  But before we get too commondreamsy on you, we ask: is CATO PUMA?  They’ve been siphoned into this page, see, on this page:


Paul Ryan on CBS. He is the man.


One of my biggest pet peeves against Barack Obama was that he was writing his tribute book about his sperm donor father in the early 90’s in Bali, even as his mother was being diagnosed and fighting cancer in Hawaii. Barack Obama literally had to fly over where his mother was fighting cancer in Hawaii to go Bali.
I have not been able to find an actual exact Timeline of Barack Obama’s book writing in Bali and his mother’s battle with cancer in Hawaii, but even if the book was barely finished when Stanley Ann Dunham was first diagnosed with cancer, isn’t it odd that a book about his deadbeat and passed father was of such priority that he could not find the time to fight for the life of his still living mother?

Seems like personal animus.  Might be what holds this together, but I go back to seeing the snippets of free republic pages and see the “What the heck?” come back to bite them with this:


What a vile vile website American Thinker is. The comments section regarding Hillary Clinton are soooo deranged, off you go from Daily PUMA. On top of that, someone from American Thinker actually checked out dailypuma because I put a link to it within my comment that I left in your comments section, but my comment never ran. So whomever reviewed my comment chose not to run it.
bye bye American Thinker, you worthless pile of crap. And your commenters are among the dumbest in the land. If I ever felt Daily PUMA readers were even half as dumb as yours, I’d shut it down. Not only are the HIllary Clinton commenters vile, stupid and depraved people, it’s the PERCENTAGE of the comments that were universally squalid that I found most memorable.
How malignant are these commenters at American Thinker in regards to Hillary Clinton? If Hillary Clinton discovered the cure for cancer, those idiots would probably take less than a minute to accuse her of creating cancer in the first place, that’s how deranged they are.
It begs the question: the operators of this website do have a historical memory that stretches back to Bill Clinton’s term and the epithets your Rush Limbaughs and the type of people who write on the American Thinker were throwing around about Hillary Clinton, don’t they?  Before 2008, everything they have on Clinton comes across like they’d say about Obama — even if they can bop over to intermural party conflicts after 2008.
But. then again… she’s a Hillary Clinton fan, into PUMA:
Jan Brewer vetos “Birther Bill”‘ the right decision for the wrong reasons
Years late, we’re finally getting an audit of Obama 2008. Perhaps it is that courage is contagious and Donald Trump’s two-fist attacks on Obama are bringing Obama opponents out of the woodwork – but something is happening to raise the level of truth-telling. Michelle Bachman, usually not a shrinking violet, is all of a sudden talking birth certificate. Bachman says she is going to bring her birth certificate to the first Republican debate.
This will dominate as long as this page exists.  As well the Sarah Palin love.

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