Far Ultra

Thought of the day …

Skipping past a Bill O’Reilly “Talking Points” segment, and passing by the use of the phrase “Now, Talking Points Memos believes that…”

… O’reilly leads off with a poll.

A new Pew poll out Tuesday says more Americans support the Libyan action than oppose: 47 percent for it; 36 percent against.

The numbers float there without any context.  That’s not really that good numbers a picture for Obama — it’s in this gray zone of “Approval / Disapproval” for the psychology of “military intervention approval” and all baggage that comes with that, shows a number more or less ready to jump on board and off board , and this shows with his low approval rating.
Or so goes my explanation analysis.  Or, better to say “Skull / Bones holds that –”

It’s a little annoying for a pundit to just throw out poll numbers.  But what I’m struck by is this phrase.

But no matter what side you’re on, the fog coming from the far left is simply staggering.

“The Far Left”.  Who is the “Far Left”?  Apparently Representative Anthony Weiner.  AND, of course…

And then there’s MSNBC, the uber-liberal anti-war network. Not anymore. Listen to this comparison of Obama and Bush.

On to clip of Rachel Maddow.

Within the framework of American politics, if someone throws out the phrase “far left” “Ultra- liberal anti-war”, I’d think… Code Pink, perhaps.   Normon Solomon?  But if we define a congress-man from New York as “Far Left”, I want to know — who can O’Reilly pass off with “Left” and “liberal” without the adjectives “Far” and “Ultra”?

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