Charlie Sheen starts a media tour on … Alex Jones?

It’s curious and interesting that Charlie Sheen began a media firestorm with an appearance on Alex Jones.  From there, he launched a “Dig Deeper” tour onto all the major networks and all the celebrity gossip haunts, the infotainment alignment we see with all of them.

A little more amusing is to see that the name Alex Jones is often removed from media outlets, that news publications reference it as a “syndicated radio show”.  I suspect that Alex Jones propped up a semi-regular “I am not Glenn Beck” (and Beck is taking a lot of my stuff, and mixing this good stuff with New World Order BS to further their regime) bit onto his sites due to the increased media attention that he is drawing from his interview with Charlie Sheen.

Just for clarification: Huh?  Isn’t there something in the Armegeddon Conspiracy Mongering Sphere, something from out of Huxley, on Celebrity Scandals being distractions put out by the NWO to hide the real horror — an “infowar” tactic, if you will, in their building of a “prison planet”.
But, because  Charlie Sheen has questioned the events of 9/11, he gets an exemption of sorts.  Just like Jenny McCarthy launched a campaign about Vaccines causing Autism, so she can be interviewed as well!  The media onslaught, you see, becomes further evidence of a cover-up.

In a way, there is no way you can answer the question of whether you’re bi-polar or not.  Try it in your daily life, or get someone to ask you the question at a serious juncture and see if it can be pulled off.  Sheen’s response, “I’m not bi-polar; I’m bi-winning” is as good an answer as any.  Maybe he is winning.  I’ve never had any interest in him until this very moment when his sway leaves me sorting out the media landscape.  The next comment of the day, “I’m tired of pretending I’m not special” is only getting a head start on the unbelievable narcissism that the generation I am on the cusp on is identified with — as well every other generation in history, particularly the Baby Boomer — and as well Americans in general.  So, who cares?  Mr. Rogers told us we were all special; Barney the Dinosaur told us we were all special.

But Let’s see… I’m looking for one item that interests me above all else, and I have to wade through the Alex Jones interview to get to it.  So I’m going to subject you to my pain here:  Media, the Bible Grippers, Brooke — Where there were four there are now three, Fools and Trolls, Alex Jones working out with Charlie Sheen “I’ve seen your Hernia!”, those turds, “They will lose the rest of their lives as they … Bring me a challenge, because it’s just not there… Winning!”, “tin cans into pure gold” — “I’ve got magic… I will destroy you in the air”, tattoo that is just gnarlyisms…

This is just all odd.  Is an interview with Alex Jones the “Safe Harbor” theory of friendly interviews for Charlie Sheen?
Oh, here’s the answer to that question… 10 minutes in, after discussing Major League 3:

“Why did you decide to basically unlease yourself here on this broadcast?”
“Because I’m just… um… I don’t know why why give an interview when you can leave a warning?  It’s just not… I’m not fair game, I’m not a soft target.  It’s over.  And I’ve got an army of Assassins.  ‘Oh we must speak of the Vatican Assassins, yes.””  {Jones laughs}.

[Alex Jones explains the line.  Inside joke, referencing to seeing something on the Internet about him working for the Pope as Vatican Assassins — a conspiracy theory about Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen from a Conspiracy Theory person who has the same relationship with Jones as Jones does with Beck apparently. ]

“Great San Francisco Catcher… Brian Wilson… he’s a fellow Vatican Assassin.  I don’t live in the Middle, because that’s where you get slaughtered… by the Prom Queen… Work through my resentments, no they’re going to fuel me… You thought you were messing with just one dude.  No.  Sorry.  WINNING!”

AA… work of sissies… only thing I’m addicted to is winning… bootleg cult… my success rate is 100 percent… 

Here’s what I’m looking for.
Alex Jones:  “You sound like Thomas Jefferson.”
Charlie Sheen: “Well I’m not Thomas Jefferson.  He was a Pussy!  No, but I dare anyone to debate me on things.  Debate me on AA right now. [] I’m going to fly with these two SMOKIN’ Hotties and HAVE A LOT OF FUN.  It may be lonely up here, but I sure like the view.”

About that one

In this week’s most sordid gossip development, Kacey Jordan, one of Charlie Sheen’s porn stars, is claiming that “she recently underwent an abortion, and that the baby could have been his!” Jordan told Radar Online, “I think it might have been too soon to be Charlie’s baby, but you never know. I get pregnant very easily.” She continued, “Charlie just loves his porn stars, alcohol, and drugs. He kept talking to me about his dream to live his life with all porn stars. To just go to work and come home and we would all be waiting for him in his home with his children and we would take care of them. And there would be drugs and alcohol. That’s all he needs.”

Hm.  Sheen then goes on to discussing talking about watching Jaws in the ocean in a fourth dimension, which in a different context is something I’d be all for, so long as you have a firm grasp on what it is that is creating this fourth dimension.  (Might be recreational drugs, might be that dead of night and a surreal environment.)

But Wait.  What does Charlie Sheen have against Thomas Jefferson?  I really want to know.  And yet none of the media follow-ups are asking him to expand on opinions about the deficiencies of Thomas Jefferson.  Is this about policy — about not building up an army and going to the “Economic Embargo” for his dispute with Britain?  Is this about not literally following the “tree of liberty refreshed by blood of tyrants” line he everyone so loves?


What else is there?

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan praised Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi in a speech on Sunday, and warned that the popular uprisings shaking the Middle East will soon find their way to American shores.

Farrakhan also said he had been spending time at Scientology’s “Celebrity Center” in Los Angeles and was impressed by their “auditing” program. “L. Ron Hubbard is so exceedingly valuable to every Caucasian person on this earth,” he said. “L. Ron Hubbard himself was and is trying to civilize white people and make them better human beings and take away from them their reactive minds… Mr. Hubbard recognized that his people have to be civilized.”

While praising Gadhafi and Hubbard, Farrakhan reserved some harsh words for pop music star Rhianna, calling her performances “filthy” and her fans “swine.”

“A minister says I perform filthy, sat and watched the filth, then called you SWINE for doing the same! Haa, is that judgment in your tone?,” Rihanna posted on Twitter. “I certainly don’t think you are swine! But a holy man of God does!!!”

This is Rihanna’s second Twitter spat in the last few days. Recently, the “S&M” hitmaker got into a catfight with R&B singer Ciara, but quickly apologized. The Twitter beef ran rampant after Ciara said Rihanna “wasn’t the nicest” while on the TV show Fashion Police.

What a strange universe we live in.

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