Celebrating Dear Leader’s Birthday in Style

You may or may not have noticed, and you may or may not be celebrating…

Actually you’re almost certainly not celebrating…

But it’s Kim Jong Il’s Birthday.  It happened on the 16th, but there’s a weeklong celebration on the website of the Korean Central News Agency of the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea.  Here are some highlights:

Floral baskets were given by representatives from the Communist Party of China, the family of Zhou Wei and daughter of Zhou Baozhong who is related to the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle in China, the King of Combodia, Syrian Defense Minister, the diplomatic corps and the economic and commercial councilors corps, Japanese personages, Korean resident in Russia, and Gifts came in from the State Academic Igor Moiseyev Dance Company of Russia.

Greetings were offered by cuadorian Committee for Supporting Korea’s Independent and Peaceful Reunification and the general manager of the United Gulf Construction Co. W.L.L. of Kuwait,

Foreign broadcasts and press write ups praising Dear Leader came from  La Prosperite of Democratic Congo, Cambodian newspaper Pracheachon, The Apsara TV and Radio Broadcasting of Cambodia, The New Nigerian, Ethiopian newspaper Daily Monitor, a Nepalese newspaper, a Pakistani magazine, and Bangladeshi newspapers.

Internet postings came from The U.S. Group for the Study of Songun Politics, The Korean Friendship Association headquartered in Spain. The International Alliance of Societies for the Study of the Juche Idea and Songun Policy in East European and Central Asian Regions, and The British Association for the Study of Songun Policy.

Films about Kim Jong Il, “Arms of Korea” and “We Will Follow You to the End of the Earth”, were shown in France and Thailand, and elsewhere.

Seminars and lectures were held in France and the Congo, Finland, Mexico, Democratic Congo and Indonesia, and from the Central Standing Committee of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) came out with statements praising Dear Leader.

Exhibits were launched Moscow, and Brazil, and Guinea, .  Meetings were held in Romania, Paektu.  Figure skaters of Russia, France and the Czech Republic came. 

In North Korea, “The Brilliant History of Great Leadership” was shown in the People’s Palace of Culture, Ice Sculpture festival started in Samjiyon County.
Not to mention The 15th Kimjongilia Festival, where displayed in the festival are potted Kimjongilias presented by armed forces organs, ministries, national institutions, the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, diplomatic missions of different countries and missions of international organizations here, organizations for friendship and solidarity with the DPRK, more than 80 units in all, soldiers, people from all walks of life, school youth and children, overseas Koreans and foreigners, a number of changes in the distribution of decorative lights and lighting to add to the festivity, and utmost sincerity is being shown by all units and participants to display Kimjongilias, the most beautiful, immortal flowers.

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