Not Asian, Regional, or Juche.

There are times a message comes in that lies on the knife edge between “mass produced spam” and “acceptable comment”.  It waits in the “waiting for moderation” section — tending to be with a few links that simply shifted out of the obvious “spam” filter, and I avoid approval or disapproval.  After a while, I delete and feel I did the right thing.  But then there’s… let’s pierce the unctiousness of my joking time with some more serious information post.

“Human development” wants me to know that some postings of North Korean propaganda from 2008 are lies.  The “Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea” runs in the same thread as “The Holy Roman Empire — neither Holy nor Roman” with its component parts of the name.

Yeah, I kind of already knew that part.  But the rest of this is quite informative.

No one’s slammed Ziggy yet.

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