The Woodrow Wilson Card is a really strange Card

Pat Buchanan exonerates Haley Barbour by bringing up Woodrow Wilson? Always with the Woodrow Wilson.

Understand, Pat Buchanan, during the Nixon Administration, proferred affirmative action for everyone BUT blacks.

Also understand, Reason Magazine, as a sort of anti-Obama back track to Franklin Roosevelt’s shadow, ran an item about Wilsonites disillusioned and chomping at the bit against President Roosevelt.

Understand, Wilson was Nixon’s presidential role model in the sort of statecraft, world scene, grafting to your yearning of Greco-Roman Parliamentary theory sort of trope.

Meantime, in other equivalency throws for the defense of Haley Barbour, there is this thing about the pre-desegregated Yankees.  The difference between the New York Yankees of the 1940s and the Citizens Councils is that the premise of those Yankees teams was to most efficiently hit balls around with sticks and run in circles and stop the hitting of balls and running around in circles, whereas the premise of the Citizens Councils was to halt the march to desegregation.  Actually, we’re stuck back at Barbour’s point of contention — “in the North, they thought they were the Klan”.  Put this alongside the demands of how to understand Confederate history, and so long as these contentions remain we have a problematic political culture.

But Hey!  Did you know that Bull Connor was a Democrat?

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