“Be Discerning with your sources”

I’m stitting, and am joined adjacently by  a mother with her — 2 year old is my generic description — in a stroller.  The baby immediately points at me, says something in gibberish which sounds like it could be translated in full, and laughs.  Mom shoos kid away from pointing at me, and redirects the kid’s attention anywhere else.  The kid drifts back to my direction, and starts laughing again.  I shurg, and divert my gaze awkwardly for the remainder.
Someone walks in at the next stop.  He sees the baby, and in that sort of instinctive manner with such cases, starts making goo-goo faces at the kid.  He doesn’t get anywhere with the child — who looks ahead stone-faced.

Overheard conversations:
She passes off a dream.  Its meaning is evident, and I chomp at the bit to interject to explain the facets of dream-land, but am undercut by not only the other two she’s conversing with rolling down a few things, but a more important statement: “the dream’s not important”; “your subconscious is just sorting things on the table.”  It appeared the woman was in the trap of thinking her dreams all have something of divine import — a trap some people fall into which I imagine would be a tad overwhelming.  (From the couple of times I have talked with her, I figure as much.)

The political discussion goes — “Now I’m further to the left than both of you, if that’s possible.  I call my daughter all the time, she responds to any suggestion of government tapping into her various activities with a ‘Yeah F — Them!”

The dramer tells of her quick and frantic political awakening over the past year.  She speaks of needing to get the word out, and lists people she’s been watching on the Internet.

“Alex Jones?  I’ve never heard of him.”
“No.  You’ve seen him.  You had to have.  He’s [Title of some such production].”
“Hm.  Maybe.  I don’t know.  But…. calm down.  It’s like, yep!  They’re making water a commodity for sale in Nigeria, but it’s no use stomping your foot on it.”
[The classic “I’d love to change the world, but I don’t know what to do” line.]
“Also, be discerning with your sources.”

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