Family Spooked as Satan Possesses New Bathroom (Gotta Love World Net Daily)  (coming off the heels of the Kit Kat Bar Appearance.)

Alex Jones: Juice Boxes and Kettle Chips making everyone Gay.

Hillary Clinton’s Clean Stove Initiative

Conservatives nominate Republicans, Republicans nominate Conservatives.

Saxby Chambliss office responsible for “Faggots Must Die” comment

Carter was a Conservative — most so than Coolidge

I like how paranoid and ideologically strait-jacketed the Ron Rand Paul-tards are.  They find Debate Moderator Chris Wallace a “Snake”, settle on… John Stossel!

Joe The Plumber comes out swinging against the Humane Society.

Obama makes sound remarks about America being able to get past another Terror Attack — Republican Seize on it, as does

Kate Perry: Too Hot for Sesame Street.

Nebraska 2 Congressional Race

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