Yeah, whatever… that’s a rather odd Archie Comics plotline.  Meanwhile, Christine O’Donnell is sitting at the cafetaria table with this “Questionable” character.
Yeah.  Well.  Just as well.  Politics appears to be an exercise in High School Weirdness.
(Svenson speaks up here.)

Paul Krugman:  The Angry Rich — Billionaires are not Populists.

On War Horrors.

Commercializing Catpcha.

For once I agree with LewRockwell Freak Hyper-Austrian Economics: Privatize College Football.

Lady Gaga campaigns to get Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins’s vote on DADT

I’m not really certain why the Joe Miller for Senate campaign is offering up this choice.

In danger of Losing Feingold: don’t
Can not happen

Ron Paul 2012 Supporters organizing.

Sharron Angle speaks to Birchers in Utah
Searching for source of this op ed.

Kendrick Meek predicts victory.  Closing in on Crist.  Who is falling behind Rubio.  Sure.

Robin Carnahan still running ad Fox News sued over.

Fiery stuff in Vancouver City Council Meeting

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