You shall not crucify mankind upon a can of Pepsi.

What the Fu@# is going on?

Explain the phone call to me.  “Yes.  We’re a polling firm and we’d like to ask a few questions to find out American attitudes about Religion.  Do you have a minute?”
“Would you be in favor of, or opposed, to a Religious Revival lead by Glenn Beck?”
“—— er ———-???”

Who polls such a question?
Incidentally, the percentage in support of such a thing is 17 percent.  The pollsters failed to dig deeper to find out what part of that segment favored a Glenn Beck lead Revival to follow him into the light personally, as opposed to Glenn Beck leading various people away from their purview so they don’t have to deal with them anymore.

So.  A “Values Voters” Conference.  Which somehow gets suckered into the political cachet of a “Tea Party”.  Somewhere along the lines that claim about it all being about “fiscal sanity”, your Rick Santielli rant inspiration, falls apart.  Sure, we have this gilded Al Smith — Raskob “Liberty League” component shown with Rand Paul celebrating at an exclusive country club.  But then Joe Miller won off the coat-tails of an anti-abortion ballot initiative.  And then…

Mike Huckabee presents a Health Care policy Jesus would profit from.

The last minute addition to the of the “Tea Party” “Values Voters” conference?  Christine O’Donnell.  The catch-all line in her speech, distilling her philsophy of what is wrong with America.:
They’ll let your teenage daughter buy an abortion, but they won’t let her buy a sugary soda in her school’s vending machine.”
Really?  Christine O’Donnell is taking a stand in favor of Soda Machines in our public schools?  I suppose there’s something in there in deferring costs away from the tax payer dollars and to a bidding war between Pepsi and Coke for each school district.

I grow weary of this crap.  Christine O’Donnell is electorally Alan Keyes Illinois 2008.  She’s even running against a Kenyan Marxist.  Could this get any more absurd?
Of course, if Christine O’Donnell is Alan Keyes… Rand Paul is Tom Coburn.

What is kind of interesting is to read the Weekly Standard versus the American Conservative on O’Donnell.  Interesting, as Weekly Standard is generally more receptive (actually the biggest pushers) of Sarah Palin, and is more horrrified by O’Donnell.
Read Pat Buchanan and ask yourself:
Are not these the same people who assisted George W. Bush in stampeding the nation into an unnecessary war that got 4,400 Americans killed to strip Saddam Hussein of weapons he did not have?
I guess it shouldn’t all stop at that water’s edge, but did O’Donnell speak out much about foreign military adventures?

Joe Miller?  We await to see how another unusual election plays out.  Lisa Murkowski, as evidenced yesterday by an obscure blogger spotting the salvage operation of her campaign signs, is running again.  She threw down the Guantlet.  “ENOUGH!”  And now comes a write-in bid.  I do not know the ramnifications.  Nate Silver thinks she has a good chance.  Various right wing blogs are gloating that this puts the nail in the coffin for Miller’s victory.  That may be wishful thinking of a type that may be true, but if it were false they’d be saying that anyway.  Note the National Review statement before the announcement that it’d cost a seat.
The electoral map of Joe Miller’s victory over Lisa Murkowski is apparently about the same on the Alaska electoral map as the 2008 Senate victory of Jeff Begich over Ted Stevens.  This works this way all the time — don’t be surprised if you map out the same effect for Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama as against John McCain versus Barack Obama.
I suppose the hope for McAdams is that he would collect Murkowski anti-Miller voters that are too lazy to write in her name in, and that those voters who are motivated to write in Murkowski would not have voted for him anyways.

Alaska’s situation is similar to Florida’s.  There, we see the current Republican surging ahead of the former Republican, the Democrat popularly supposed to never had any chance.  It’s an interesting dynamic, as Election Day will come and a bunch of Democratic voters will have to suck it up and make a leap of faith in voting.

On to Fox News, everybody!

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