the only one worth buying

I’m having a bit of trouble finding this particular “google ad sense” ad which flicked right past me, but which I found a little odd.  It was for Sharron Angle, the Republican nominee for Senate in Nevada.  I assume it comports with the “Stop Socialism” blurb I see about, pointing to the NRCC.  Maybe it’s not giving me Angle because the google ad sense has sensed I’m not in Nevada?

UPDATE — here’s Sharron Angle — standing in front of Silhouette Guy and a lot of — wheat?

But here’s a question — why would the question that this ad asks stimulate your thoughts?


After you vote, buy this merchandise, why don’t you?




On the left side, we see the generic political stance of a politician’s face imaged over a landscape of a valley and a mountain.  All smiles.  On the right, we have the classic “Face Off” image — and another chance to “Vote” on something.

I assume you may vote for or against Smiling Tall Guy imaged in front of Mountain Landscape, just not on the Internet.

And for all this talk of tea parties…


Actually, that one is the only one worth buying of the lot.


Small Update:
Ad from the website of a “Conspiracy Porn”ographer.  Is “Get Help” not appropriate?

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