Tony Blair lie

Is Waste Management’s Toxic Dump killing this Kettleman City, California’s babies?

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has a horrible debate performance.  And it probably doesn’t matter.  It’s 2010 and she’s run the Illegal Immigration issue into an election victory.
No more debates.  (After a media drumming her on “What about the headless bodies?”)

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden Loses touch with Washington State.  Tell Les Wyden to do like to do less whining and more…

Support McAdams, baby!

GOP weighs in against Christine O’Donnell.
gearing up for ad with Glenn Beck…

Youth still Democrats.  Even if they’re not, why would anyone want to belong to a political party?

 Can’t quite get to the Enthusiasm Gap this way — not realistic to assume it should be “all that, all there”– maybe split the different and factor these factors into half.

Matthew Sheppherd jokes by Montana Tea Party Republicans
Question of the day — the last panel shown from this Archie “We’ve got a Gay in Riverdale!” comic book — brush it aside?

 Christwire.  It is, indeed, a joke.

Some Chicago Dentist is running Hillary for President 2012 commercials in New Orleans

Free Rod Blagoevich!

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