Ron Paulites want Ron Paul to host Saturday Night Live to do the comedy.

The Ron Paulites at the Daily Paul have a mixed feeling about Barney Frank.  Let’s go through these comments.

I think Congressman Frank is learning allot about liberty and the constitution from Congressman Paul…But sadly, it’s impossible to change a zebra’s stripes without a “grinder,” a “torch,” and a waste of time.

To wit.

im pretty surprized with him too. If only he would support the austrian school… it would be amazing me thinks.

Just get Barney Frank to think just like we do, and everything will be Super!

Barney is so transparent here. He is trying to gain popularity by “trying” to sound like Ron Paul. If all you ever saw is this much of Barney Frank, you would think he’s not a bad guy…..Seeing 3 inches of a dorsal fin in the water, does not mean it is only a 12 inch shark. “dah dummm———-dah dummm———–dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum”

Yes.  Nothing screams popularity like Ron Paul.

He’s exploiting Dr.Paul’s message for his own political gain. Notice how he says he has “teamed up with one of the most conservative members in congress, Ron Paul” and then that’s it. He goes on to make it his cause and his idea.

Ron Paul came up with the whole “Remove Foreign Bases” idea?

The real thoughts come in here:

P.S. I just had a thought – I think we should all pull a Betty White and campaign hard to get Ron Paul on SNL. As mentioned above I think it would really help Ron Paul’s image (and drum up support for a potential presidential run) if he had more exposure in pure entertainment settings, thus making him appear more personable and likable to the wider average TV audience.
What do you all think, should we try and get Ron Paul on SNL?

Yes.  Um.  Ron Paul.  Saturday Night Live host.  Brilliant!

My thoughts when I posted this idea was that Ron Paul could just play himself (i.e. the straight man), and let the SNL cast provide the comedy.

I think the comedy would write itself with endless possibilities based on the absurdities in Wash.DC. For example, perhaps a skit with a cast member playing an over-the-top smug Mr. Bernanke giving outrageous answers to questions from Ron Paul during a hearing.

We’re verging into the didactic.

what skits would he be in?
He/Lew Rockwell/Napolitano would need a long sit down with the writers.

Because Lew Rockwell KNOWS Comedy.  What, he is the man responsible for the racist “Ron Paul Newsletters” of the early 1990s — and those were downright HILARIOUS, right?

Here’s my idea: We give Saturday Night Live a skit, in the skit Will Ferrell can play George Bush. Chris Rock can play Barack Obama.

Why is Chris Rock playing Barack Obama?

Anyway, bottom line on the Saturday Night Live appearance:

SNL is a Zionist production
mike in st. lucia
They would never give Ron Paul that kind of exposure.

In its defense, this is the only “Zionism” mention on this post.
It’s been a pretty uneven go for the Zionists, this “Saturday Night Live” enterprise.  Not up to the game on the many “Saturday Night Dead” eras, and the odd uneven variances of the show — I guess they were up to something else at those points in time.

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