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Isn’t it amazing, isn’t it amazing that two or three years ago on this program when I first found Woodrow Wilson on this program and said, oh, my gosh! Look at how evil this guy is! And everybody do you remember? I mean, people still do it:  “Glenn Beck is obsessed with Woodrow Wilson.” Isn’t it incredible that this is the guy they’ve modeled themselves after? This is the guy! Out of all the presidents that everybody knew nothing about.

By the way, a listener sent me or brought to the, what do you call it, the American Revival a big picture, a framed newspaper: Woodrow Wilson is dead. I have that hanging over my desk in my office. I love it. It’s quite possibly the best gift ever given. I love it.

Hm.  “Out of all the president that everybody knew nothing about”.  Wilson?

So just know that you now and I told you this, what, three months ago, four months ago? And I was overwhelmed by the response of this audience. But I want to give you that loophole just as I said to Goldline three weeks ago, and I told them four months ago, and I told them eight months ago: Look, if the heat becomes too hot in the kitchen, I understand. No hard feelings. And I say that to you. It may be in your best interest to not visibly stand by me because they are going to come after. And I want you to understand that this movement is not about me. It never has been about me. It’s an insult it’s an insult to America to make it about me or the president or anything else. This is about universal principles. This is about nature’s god and nature’s laws. And so if they take me down, you have to be standing. And if they take you down, somebody else has to be standing. We need to really view ourselves as nonarmed, nonviolent cells. Because they really think that if they can take me down, it’s over. But it’s not. You’ll never sit down. I know you. You are exactly like me. You’ll never sit down. If they take me off the air, if they take me off radio or television and, mark my words, they will, I’m coming to your house. I’m coming to your park. I’m coming to your church. I’ll come to your school. I’ll come to your car. I’ll come where anybody will come and listen. If I’m just mowing my lawn and you drive by my house and I’m completely unemployed and you drive by and your window’s open, you’ll hear me preaching it.

A chilling vision of things to come.  Glenn Beck.  Coming to your park.  Coming to your church.  Standing on the street corner.  Yelling into your window.  Preaching it.  Imagine driving by, and you see Glenn Beck bellowing into the air — you only briefly catch two words of his rant, ” — Woodrow Wilson — “.

You know… The Obama Adminstration… reportedly fired… Shirley Sherrod… after getting word… that Glenn Beck… the guy who has announced he will be standing on street corners yelling into your car windows… will be ranting about Sherrod on his television program.

Something about this chart seems relevant.


We are, generically, a “Center Right” nation — as this chart suggests of how “independents” view themselves.  Republicans view Democrats as something of a monolithic Ideological force in a way Democrats don’t view Republicans.  Very odd political dynamics, I must say.
I guess “Tea Party” is the control group?  Beck’s words, from the “9/12 Movement”, suggests about how the whole thing would work out if they charted where the “Tea Party” was asked to place everyone.

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  1. SME Says:

    Yep, Wilson just slipped right through the far-right radar. The John Birchers never mentioned the guy at all, except in every piece of literature they ever produced.

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