every tea partier an island

Wait.  There’s a “Tea Party Federation” that hovers over the various Tea Party groups?  I guess there would have to be a “Federation” leader, tugging it into the direction of the corporate Republican Party establishment I’d gather.

Anyway, I had to give the NAACP some credit, after hearing and seeing some of the interviews last week.  It was a case of “Name who”, and they did indeed name who.   Matt Williams.  The “Tea Party Express” guy.  So, I guess, the “Tea Party Express” has been kicked out of the “Federation“, and that is… that?
From a point of tactical “All Hands on Deck” spittle war, this is unfortunate for “Tea Party”.  NEVER Surrender, never give up an inch — the rule that guides you to the “doubling down” dictate that if you cede ground, your enemies will demand more, and it will open you up to possible nuance, reflection and self-reflection — when you need to be on the attack — “you… you’re the one whose racist, you stupid NAA COLORED!!! P.  Eh?  Eh?”

What is with these guys and their imaginary conversations with Abraham Lincoln?

Matt Williams never signed up for the Federation.
Every Tea Partier an island.

Also, Every Tea Party success (however defined) claimed to their own sector.  Take this headline from the “Daily Paul”:

Rasmussen: US Senate Race Ron Paul Endorsed Clint Didier 48% Incumbent Murray 45%.

Leave aside the sketchiness of Ramussen as a polling unit, as well the fact that even tossing in all Rasmussen polls this fits the category of the “One of these things is doing its own thing” — wait and see, I suppose, and go to the problem with this headline.  Nobody knows Clint Didier as a “Ron Paul” endorsed candidate.  They know Clint Didier as endorsed by the politician that he’s touting with great fury — Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin is kicking Ron Paul’s ass.  Google “Clint Didier” and “Ron Paul” and you get  34,100 results.  Google “Clint Didier” and “Sarah Palin” and you get 83,300 results.
The headline of the day:  Didier campaign tops $570,000, credits Palin boost.

Palin, creative grammatarian in the tradition of great Republican forebears like Theodore Roosevelt
the problem with Palin’s “tweet” — is not “refudiate” — it’s that the Muslims have nothing to refudiate — whatever her nativist homeland base thinks.

Somewhat noteworthy, Sarah Palin hopped aboard the “Tea Party Express”.  She’ll either have to stick with it, but if she does she will no longer be a part of the Federation.

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