Culture Coarsening for Late Adopters

Walking up a street.  There is a woman walking toward me.  She is talking on her hands free cell phone — the conversation on her end goes something like:
“Saturday, right? 2?  No?  How about 3?  All right, good.”

As she walks into a building, another person approaches, walking by, says something — vitriolic, though hard to say if you can call it cowardly or aware of some manners —

“Quit talking to yourself, you fucking loon.”

Now.  I have two issues with this.  One — I don’t understand — this person is not keeping up with new technological advances that have become common-place in the last decade?  Two — assuming that she is talking to herself — what is the point?

Third thought: it occurs to me, now that I think about it, that by talking past the person supposedly “talking to herself”, the person who was really talking to himself was the one taking offense at the idea — meaning he was a Self-Loathing Talking-to-himself person.

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