weirdest proposition ever

Elderly male, somewhat jovial demenor, sits next to me — waiting for the Max to come by.  Strung-out unhealthy in a bit too skinny (and important to note a bit over-tanned) woman walks by — I will suggest, though I don’t really much care to make aspersions, likely a prositute and likely has a drug addiction.  I say this with a note that I’d generally let these things fly and am open to assuming the best in cases where I don’t have reason to really care.

She stops, and makes a flirtatious remark to the old man.  If I could recollect what she said, I would pass it on — but, alas, it’s faded away never to return to my memory.
The man chuckles and responds with what I can only describe as, contextually amongst the most cringe-inducing and discomforting sentence I’ve ever heard in my life.

“Thank you.  And that’s a really beautiful brown body you’ve got on you.”

So I look away.  The girl says, sweetly, “I’ll give you a dance for a dollar?”
To which the man says, “No.  I’m not carrying any money right now” — again, a chuckle.

After a pause, the woman states, “And that’s a Cell Phone you’re carrying in your pocket” — which I think I can take to mean she had eyed the man based on a perceived wallet.

The man says, “Yesirre.”

And when the Max rolls in, I see the woman was gone.

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