Conspicuous ad changes

There’s been this ad in the back of the two “alternative weeklies”, along with the ads for various phone sex and hook-ups and other strip clubs.  It’s been there for the past couple of months maybe.  It’s sliced into two halves.  One shows a close-up of a Guy’s Butt in some pair of uncomfortable looking underwear, the other a woman in an advanced state of undressed.  The idea is that there’s a strip joint with men undressing in one part of the building, and women in the other.

Yesterday, looking through the Willamette Week, I couldn’t help notice — the guy’s butt had been replaced by a woman.  I don’t know if this means that the “Men’s Revue” thing is dead, and the laws of supply and demand have taken it into a certain direction — something as seen earlier in Nevada.

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