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You probably missed it if you do the sensible thing of ignoring Beltway Washington Chatter, but the subject of Barack Obama’s Impeachment crept in and swirled off the edges of discussion last week.  Seriously.  Apparently Obama was caught Playing Politics with Joe Sestack.  Or moving to the third degree of separation from standard political operations.

Sometime in the Bush Administration, and more specifically under the Tom Delay Congress, Tom Delay and his sympathetic peoples apologized for any cynical sense of wrong-doing and accused the Democratic Party of trying to “Criminalize Politics”.  This was, mind you, under a lot more a load than what some of the same apologists are tapping Obama with.  Paging Darrell Issa, can somebody please go back and tell me what he was saying about Tom Delay circa 2004 – 2006?

Head tending to spin about, I guess we have seen the future with a Republican Congress — to quote Robert Taft in 1950 — “[Joseph] should keep talking, and if one case doesn’t work out he should proceed with another.”

Some things go to figure.  In hindsight, ACORN was brought down with a heady case of shifty editing.  And looking over at the Oil Nightmare Gulf, I could go well for Obama to insert in his administration some guy who’s made it his special focus to create “Green Jobs” and convert us to alternative energy source — even if I’m not much for accepting many faces who wandered into “Fellow Traveler” mode with ignoble conspiracy theorists and don’t like that precedent.

In the meantime, best to lay off that “Impeachment” stuff and go over to the question of whether the Gulf Oil Spill is Obama’s … Katrina… Iranian Hostage Crisis… getting stuck in the bathtab ala Taft… whatever.

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