political antibodies?

Bush Derangement Syndrome versus Obama Derangement Syndrome:  Under Bush’s name, there are 47 listed rumors. Twenty were confirmed as true, and six were termed “undetermined” or “unclassifiable veracity.” That left 21 that contained at least some factual errors. There were nearly double that number of listings for Obama, and the difference between fact and fiction was even more disturbing. Of the 87 rumors, just eight were deemed true, and three undetermined. That means a whopping 76 were either completely false or at least partially untrue.

David Frum asks the question:  How is it that the GOP has lost its antibodies against a candidate like Rand Paul?

Quick question:  How is the GOP lost its antibodies against a candidate like George W Bush?  Is one, in part, an effect from another?  How is it the Democrats lost its antibodies against a candidate like Rod Blagojevich?
Say… How did the GOP lost its antibodies against a candidate like Newt Gingrich?

VIEIRA: “Can you honestly compare what’s going on with the Democrats with Nazi Germany?”

GINGRICH: “No it’s not a question of how evil they were. Nazi Germany was terrible, Stalin’s Russia was terrible, Mao’s China was terrible. It’s a question of finality. Had we lost either of those contests, we would have become a radically different country.”

Bob Bennett, Senator of Utah:  I urge all of the Tea Partyers to follow Reagan, not Carter. If they want their movement to be more than a wave that crashes on the beach and then recedes back into the ocean, leaving nothing behind but empty sand, they should stop the “gloom talk.” These are not the worst times we have ever faced, nor is the Constitution under serious threat.

Cover of National Review, now last week but probably the one available at your bookstore.
nationalreviewwhathappenedtotheconstitution    See too:  obamasocialistacornbutton

“Ron Paul Revolution.  Give us back our Constitution!” — Ron Paul Revolution Slogan.
… From back in the Bush Administration.


Hope Top Kill goes well… too bad the Obama Administration fell into this sort of sucker’s bet, eh?

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