Rand Paul as one of the Mole People

It needs to be stated that two people on the Texas Board of Education have been unelected.  The final product of the Texas Board of Education (At work here) — the most consequential elected positions in this country that nobody pays attention to — is thus the result of a lameduck administration.  The board members were a bridge too far.  Read this list, and it is hard to tell which are parodies and which are Texas’s changes.
It’s up to California to save this nation.

Arguably the most galling part, or the part that I can relate to certain electoral current events, is the white-washing of the “Middle Passage”.  Skip a beat over to a blog post I once saw from a reflective Libertarian, expressing his understanding of why there are not a whole heck of a lot of Black Libertarians, and this makes sense as a fealty and holding as sancrosant above all else the upholding of Property Rights just does not fly well to a person who, relatively recently in history, would have been private property.

Rand Paul and Libertarianism.  It does not much matter that the —

— You know something?  I am having the damnedest time finding the “gaddanged gummint” clip of Mike Enzi from this week.  It comes in part, I think, because for the life of me I don’t know how the spell what Mike Enzi said — the ms sound like vs, and so forth. —

codified, enforced, and strengthened the racist precepts of Segregations.  The Law of the Markets themselves would have surely allowed Segregation to flourish.  I guess Rand Paul believes that a niche would open up in the market as some businesses see an opening against the general public demand for Segregation.  As for the nature of keeping the government de-segregated, I turn to the geniuses of the Libertarian movement as expressed at the Lew Rockwell website on where this is going.

“Yes. I would have voted yes.” — Rand Paul.
No.  I do not believe Rand Paul.  You only have to do a cursory glance of pursue the debates of the voters on each side of the ledger — the 27 to 6 Republican vote and 46 to 20 Democratic vote — to know Rand Paul would fall where the man he had to mention to deflect the controversy by bringing up fell — the former KKK member in West Virginia who probably supported Barack Obama in the presidential primary to cleanse his soul as against the 40 point whooping Clinton put on Obama in that state.  Rand Paul lacks the courage of his convictions.  His father would go on and forge ahead.  I have to question Rand Paul here, though — I mean he has the black BASSIST OF THE ALLMAN BROTHERS backing him up!!!!!!!

So, Rand Paul will be joining Louis Farrakhan and Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia cancelling a prior agreement to appear on Meet the Press.  This, I gather is the first step of a Media Retrenchment (or is grumbling about not having a honeymoon and attacking Rachel Maddow — the show from where he announced his Senate candidacy — the first step?  Throw in the mention of his huge lead in the Rasmussen [at the moment, not a credible poll outfit, though he probably was ahead right off the primary shoot by a good margin.])

The cocoon awaits, and pondering this I wonder if it’s a bit of a “no”.

The second point, which gets directly to why Rand Paul is suddenly flailing, is that the local Kentucky media–in particular the newspapers, and especially the flagship Louisville Courier-Journal–has been decimated by job cuts, as has happened across the country. This came up several times in discussions with Kentucky politicos and local journalists. The reason it matters is that because there is no longer a healthy, aggressive press corps–and no David Yepson-type dean of political journalists–candidates don’t run the same kind of gauntlet they once did. They’re not challenged by journalists. And since voters aren’t as well informed as they once were (many are “informed” in the sense of having strongly held views about all manner of things–they’re just not “well informed”), they can’t challenge the candidates either.

It needs to be noted that the Louisville Courier-Journal has its interview on its website.  Rand Paul is expressing his views on the matter.  Decimated though the local newspaper may be, it still relays raw facts and opinions from the people seeking higher office.

I see in the “Meet the Press” story comments about how this signifies a move into the safe Conservative Republican bubble.  In terms of a sort of broader picture, Jack Conway has to fight with a local strategy.:

Rand Paul is promoting a narrow and rigid ideology and has repeatedly rejected a fundamental provision of the Civil Rights Act. He is focused on the Tea Party whereas I am running to be a senator for all the people of Kentucky, who are really hurting right now.
No matter how he tries to spin to the contrary, the fact is that Paul’s ideology has dangerous consequences for working families, veterans, students, the disabled, and those without a voice in the halls of power. Kentucky voters have a choice between Rand Paul’s ideology and our campaign to create jobs, cut the deficit, and bring accountability to Wall Street and Washington. We are reaching out to Democrats, Independents and Republicans across Kentucky to ask them to join our campaign and stand up for Kentucky families.

Meet the Press didn’t ask Jack Conway, but I guess he’s not interested in a “National Movement”.   But wherefor does Rand Paul head?  Rand Paul is going to be going the route of the moles — down, down, down, below the surface.  The thing here is that commenters on news and blogs about the Meet the Press brush-off are suggesting he’ll go back to Conservative Media, to Fox News and conservative radio.  Is that where he is heading, or is he heading back to his base — by which I mean amping up appearances on Alex Jones, talking to his Constitution Party supporters, and to various Militia meets.

… As an aside, I knew (in peculiar fashions) a person who left the Constitution Party because he deemed it too moderate.  But he was a person who the New York Times reported as one of the “big names” in the “Justified Violence Movement”.  Pertaining to Alex Jones, I carefully hedge with him — I don’t think guest appearances with him disqualifies a politico — certainly Alan Grayson can acceptably spout off about the Paul / Grayson Fed bill (just as I once heard Harry Reid make an appearance with Art Bell over Yucca).   The idolizing and coziness with the Pauls is strictly creepy, though — weaving them into “New World Order is out to get Paul” conspiracy theories where nothing ever happens, or everything bad happens because of the gumvint.  Note to the Jack Conway campaign: watch Rand Paul’s appearances on Alex Jones — what you’re watching for is cues of basically verbal “head nods”:
Throughout this particular show, Paul graciously accepted Jones’ support for his pending Senate candidacy. He gave the impression that he and Jones were like-minded foes of the globalists and international financiers plotting to undermine, if not destroy, the United States for their own gain. And Paul noted that career politicians are no match for this enemy force: “the ones that evolve to the top of the Republican and the Democratic Party end up being the people who don’t believe in anything…and they get pushed around by the New World Order types.”

That sort of head nod that if someone had found with Barack Obama in relation to his pastor (you know the one), would have destroyed his candidacy — not even the FIGURATIVE throwing off the bus would have saved.

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