Jeremiah Wright misuses the word “Literally“.

What we now know about the Massey Energy Mine.

So, what are you going to do about Obama’s Civil Liberties Record?

Debating Thailand Is Red Shirt Movement a Genuine Grassroots Struggle, or Front for Ousted Ex-PM, Billionaire Tycoon?

Draw Muhammad Day
Google images provides a few ideas.

Kurt Nimmo and Prison Planet prepping conspiracy theories on the Stealing of the election away from Sainted Rand Paul.
and Rand Paul voters accused of

She wore fewer clothings in parts of the Miss USA Contest.  Another case of only allowed if she they did it.

Can Kevin Costner save the BP Oil Ecological Disaster?

Washington State Tea Party Senate Candidate, and former footballer, raking in the Farm Subsidies

Say, what’s Orly Taitz up to?

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