Oil Politics and Your Stinker of the Moment.

Hey!  Remember this?  From about the time where we see the now ironic Obama quote about, you know, “It turns out off-shore drilling is safe”.  Here he found that nice little Centrist position, what with the Republicans having found the new right-wing position of  no concern “Drill, Baby, Drill“.

Remember how Mark Ambinder put it all, into political anaylsis, jump completely away from policy analysis?

It’s high-reward, low-risk; environmentalists will complain, but then again, environmentalists complain.  Aside from the substance, which is beyond our ken, the politics of this move is easy:

… The environmentalists complaining having mooted effect on policy coming, in some part, from everything being analyzed in this manner.

How does one define “low risk” anyway?

Also, why can’t we carve out something to tack to from our invented “right” that’d lead in a different direction — maybe somewhere around George W Bush warning that “America is addicted to Oil.”?
Then maybe some dead weight in the climage bill (wait a session) can be cleared out.

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