Lindsey Graham is a putz.


I find the fracus of attention surrounding Lindsey Graham fascinating.  Harry Reid put aside the Cap and Trade bill in favor of next tackling Immigration.    See what amounts to the Conventional Wisdom here.

I guess it ends with this? mollification?   Can you “mollify” Lindsey Graham at this moment?  But in the meantime, the political gamesmanship swayed every which way.  I am linking to the National Review’s “Corner” because — well, it presents the Republican interpretation of events here

There is an old adage in Washington, sometimes you can choose a bill or you can choose an issue. The Democrats know they are not going to get an immigration bill out of this. They want the issue and they want it now.

And Harry Reid wants it personally because he thinks it’s a Hail Mary that might help him in Nevada where he is way behind, and it might. And Obama wants it because he thinks it will galvanize his base.

Charles Krauthammer, ladies and gentlemen.  Genius?

Immigration slices and dices every which way, politically, — boosts and depresses both parties and boosts and depresses parts of the bases – and if Obama and Reid could somehow lend it to neutrality, they would.  Oh, they’ll take the up-side — suddenly that 60 – 40 Hispanic advantage just balloons right on up.  It may well be that “Cap and Trade” was doomed, just as it may well be Immigration is doomed.  Thank you, National Review.  I suppose you could go ahead and go to things certainly not doomed — House Resolutions celebrating the anniversary of Beatle Bailey is rather non-controversial.  From the Republican way of thinking, everything is doomed before the election cycle: they have 41 Votes in the Senate, they’re filibustering away.  Obama comes in with a heavy load of pledges through a campaign designed to demand a lot of pledges (ie: it’s a long one) — and the Senate trips its way through one of them, and on to the other.

In consideration of labelling the policy shiftings “politics”, sometimes there’s matters of policies that go with your politics.  The Governor of Arizona called the Federal Government on this, didn’t she?

Lindsey Graham is a putz.

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