Goldman Sacchs.  Enron.  The SEC.

Big Oil backs Cap and Trade Bill

Obama is what?

Remember the Fifth of November.  (Okay, g’damned “Revolutionariers” of the GOP — but What’s the point of injecting Al Sharpton or Alcee Hastings into this montage?)

Bill Maher: CUT DEFENSE!
Just to give an idea on attitudes over yonder in Ayn Rand / Von Mises Land: advocacy of either removing people not paying income taxes from the voting roll, or giving extra votes to Property Owerns.

Bill Clinton admits he was wrong about various important policy matters.  NAFTA, for instance.

Has Obama shifted Israeli Public Opinion?  Is Netanyahu holding on?

Archie Comics’s Gayness is bringing on the New World Order of Zionists and Illuminati and stuff.  Including Horse-F#ing.

Why would Fortune ask Chris Ware to do a cover in the first place?

Libertarians wake up to the nativism of Tea Party-dom

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