Billboard mania


Any particular reasons, or is it just personal?

Thomas S. Wroblewski wrote in an e-mail Saturday to The Associated Press that the billboard is supported “by a number of area businessmen who are concerned about tax and spend politics.”He said the billboard, despite its language, is not meant to allege that Obama committed any particular impeachable offense.

Okay, so it is just personal. This website allegedly provides supposed impeachable bases.  You will also find other ill-defined  supposed Obama Impeachment reasons where you can always find pointless partisan wanking: in the comments section of these news links about this billboard.

This comes off the heels of this billboard put up in some other expanse of the upper Midwest Snow Belt:


The puzzling thing about that billboard was that the people who set it up seem to believe it has a clearly defined message.  If they had no political identity and had the idea that they wanted to put up a rorschach test as a sort of Performance Art, or snuck it to a spot with a particurly strong partisan bent, then maybe there would be some coherency.  As it were, these were pro-Bushies stepping on a message where the current occupant of the White House has an approval rating somewhere between 49 and 51 percent with probably stronger negatives than positives.  At least the “Impeach” billboard has clear definition of message.

A few years ago, I spotted in the Oregonian an obituary for a man whose work you might know if you drive or ride out of this city from time to time.  He had a billboard up on his property.  The obituary held someone say something to the effect of, “Maybe you didn’t agree with the sentiments, but the always made you think.”  I suppose the message “Eco Terrorists are Terrorists Too!” held something, but overall I have the sense that if you close your eyes, you can see the faint sight of an “Impeach Warren” billboard.  And so the quote “made you think” has the rejoinder of “no, not really.”

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