re-scheduling KPOJ

So this is how KPOJ reshuffles their line-up after the final death knell of Air America.  They now air “Norman Goldman” from 6 to 9, and Alan Colmes from 12 to 3.  I called that last one, I suppose.

Scheduling Norman Goldman does a good service.  I now no longer have any need to ever have the radio turned to this station for a good solid nine hour block between the hours of 12 pm and 9 pm.  Actually, there is a way that Ron Reagan’s disappearance has an outsized effect on my likely listening to KPOJ — I’m suddenly a bit less likely to listen to Mike Malloy.  Probably then affects any listening in the 6 am to 12 pm block of casual listening.  I’m just saying…

Alan Colmes is a curious selection, and has the basic problem of having no credibility amongst your liberal.  I like him all right, though — have him available and check to see if he has on, say, some Holy Man from an insane Dixie church offering Intercessory prayers for Obama’s death.  Actually he belongs on after Phil Hendrie.

As per the shifted weekend schedule… does the syndicate for Stephanie Miller offer one “Best Of” for the weekend, and thus they can’t stick that program in on Sunday?  And what is this…

10a-1p              JacNorman Goldman

A typo, obviously.  Left in the first three letters for “Jack Rice”.  It is Ameture hour at KPOJ / Clear Channel Portland.
So, this is a … I don’t know what this is.

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