Wherein I rank the Presidents into four categories

minus Garfield, William Henry Harrison, and the current occupant of the White House.

Tier 1 — The quote-in-quote “Greats”

1.  George Washington
2.  Thomas Jefferson
3.  John Quincy Adams
4.  Abraham Lincoln
5.  Chester Arthur
6.  Woodrow Wilson
7.  Franklin Roosevelt
8.  Harry Truman
9.  John Kennedy
10. Gerald Ford

Tier 2.  “Good”.

1.  James Monroe
2.  Andrew Jackson
3.  John Tyler
4.  James Polk
5.  Zachary Taylor
6.  Grover Cleveland
7.  Theodore Roosevelt
8.  William Howard Taft
9.  Dwight Eisenhower
10. Bill Clinton

Tier 3.  The “Middlers”

1.  John Adams
2.  James Madison
3.  Martin Van Buren
4.  Ulysses Grant
5.  William McKinley
6.  Warren Harding
7.  Herbert Hoover
8.  Lyndon Johnson
9.  Ronald Reagan
10. George Bush

Tier 4.  The Bad

1.  Millard Fillmore
2.  Franklin Pierce
3.  James Buchanan
4.  Andrew Johnson
5.  Rutherford Hayes
6.  Benjamin Harrison
7.  Calvin Coolidge
8.  Richard Nixon
9.  Jimmy Carter
10. George W Bush

One Response to “Wherein I rank the Presidents into four categories”

  1. Justin Says:

    List not particularly set in stone and there is no strict formula for this, I must make a few amendments.

    Zachory Taylor moves down one category. Ulysses Grant moves up one category. William McKinley moves down one category. Rutherford Hayes moves up one category.

    Your mileage may vary. Debate it within yourself.

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