National Review versus New Republic


National Review, 11-23,

–   BP “Beyond Petroleum”
–  Mansanto “How can we squeeze more food from a raindrop?” — extra close image of drop of rain falling from blade of grass

–  Energy Citizens, bearded man in hard hat, looking upward and on, “2 Million Jobs Lost”
–  Rosetta Stone — Stauer Diamond — Bose Radio — Lessons from “The Teaching Company” — US Silver Company — Jitterbug Phone  — First Street Power Lamp “For Boomers and Beyond”  — Neptune Upright Bath Lift.  — Cenesenics “How does this 51 year old Neurosurgeon look so good under his scrubs?”
–  1/2 page “Rendezvous With Destiny” book about 1976 Reagan Campaign, with a new foreward by George W Bush (weeee!)
–  Either a $4.97 deal for Sarah Palin’s new book with free trial subscription to Newsmax, or $4.97 deal for trial subscription to Newsmax with free Sarah Palin book
–  1/2 page “Christiandom College” promising you can “Breath Catholic”
–  1/2 page Thomas Acquinas College
– 1/2 page National Debt Big red 16 ditig calculator
–  You too can get voices from the National Review over the phone
–  FLAME, Israeli group
–  1/4 page ad “Where Keynes Went Wrong”
–  Riverboat Cruise Portagal to Spain
– Mortgage Bankers Association

New Republic, 11-14

America Future Fund
National Association for Home Care and Hospice
Biotechnology Industry Organization
“Fill the Cup” World Food Programme (4 African boys looking upward at a camera, words spell out “HOPE”, the only kid with any food is the “O” who has a bowl of sou.)
1/3 page Herblock Collection
1/6 page “Where Keynes Went Wrong”
Phrma (moon shot and “We can Cure Cancer”

National Review continues its mix of corporate advocacy groups, conservative movement doodads, things for staid hobbyists, and goods for old people.  The New Republic has a few ads which can be transferred to the National Review, though the corporate lobbyist groups tend to have a “Green Wash”ing sheen that is not necessary for the National Review audience.

The ad in the National Review with the most current resonance is the Newsmax — Sarah Palin deal.  Just $4.97 for the book and four issues of Newsmax.  What a Deal!

The relevant ad for your consideration in the New Republic is that giant rhaspberry from “America Future Fund”, showing 36 Congress Members who were the “Losers of 1994”, with the rejoinder at the end of a comparison between now and then (citizens rose up at town hall meetings) and the final rejoinder “Keep it up Liberals.  You have nothing to lose but your majorities.”  It is interesting to note quite a few of these Congress members resurfaced quite easily — Jay Inslee and Maria Cantwell pop up at me due to my geography.  I suppose this is reaching the elite opinion makers of, say, the staff of Blanche Lincoln — the same type who were in 1994 reading The New Republic article “No Exit” by Betsy Mccaughey under the watchful editorship of Andrew Sullivan.

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